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"Building Strong Communities With Web Technologies"

Can You Imagine

An Increase in Foot Traffic to your place of business
Consumers have 24/7 Access to your Product or Service
Your business has Access to Affordable Radio & Web (Advertising/Promotion) Services

The Web "augments" the Air Waves.

Both provide a "Value-Added" experience for the Consumer, Merchant, and Radio Station.

The Web drives traffic to the Air Waves and the Air Waves drive traffic to the Web. They both drive More traffic to the Merchant.

The Web adds the capability to offer On-Demand interactive consumer experiences 24/7.

The Web augments the Air Waves for Consumers whose lifestyle include a love for Gospel Music.

By delivering a Full-Service package (Web & Air Waves), a merchant can target and/or direct market consumers based on listeners behavior and demographics.

YNNS provides (1) Before Event Promotion, (2) During Event Processing, and (3) Post Event Follow-Up.

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Raymond Pryor
Sr. Web Developer

"Building Strong Communities With Web Technologies"

Ride The Air Waves and The Web
Darryll King
The King's Highway Gospel Music Show

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