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"Circle Y Ranch Banquet 40th Anniversary"
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Circle Y Ranch Banquet
Georgios Banquets Orland Park, IL
Saturday May 22, 2004

Circle Y Ranch Board Of Directors
Melvin E. Banks, Sr.
Barney Gore
Keith & Dianne Hastey
Melivin Holley, Board Chair
Jeanne Johnson, Secretary
Doris Rollerson, Finance
Sherry Short
Mark Soderquist
Anthony Valentine
C. Jeffrey Wright, Camp President
Leroy yates, Sr.

Banquet Committee Members
Joanna Albright
Endon Anderson
Reginald Banks
Dawnn Brumfield
Donna Brumfield
Kelly Clark
James King
Thorton Media
Dana Pryor
Doris Rollerson
Jennifer Salley
Sharon Tang
Lutricia Valetine

Darryll King

Featured Artists
Kim Stratton
Trin-i-tee 5:7

Photo Gallery
Scene 1 (Dinner)
Scene 2 (Kim Stratton)
Scene 3 (Trin-i-tee 5:7)

Women's Auxiliary
Vernice hatch, President
Beverly Yates, Secretary
Sharon Tang, Treasurer
Kelly Clark
Inez Clayton
Brozine Fair
Deborah Farmer
Charlotte Mostert
Jennifer Salley
Charlotte Smith
Muneerah Riley-McCoy
Vivian Morgan
Annette Roberts
Doris Rollerson
Ora Lee watkins

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