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  When Darryll King was a little girl, she said the Holy Spirit revealed to her that "higher than human thoughts... is God's ideal for his children; Godliness, Godlikeness is the goal to be reached," and that is how she has tried to live since then. At the present time, King is the gospel announcer for WYCA 102.3 radio's program and host of the Monday-Friday Rejoice, and now has captured the Stellar Award for Gospel Announcer of the Year. The gospel music celebration will air in Chicago Saturday, Jan. 31 on WGN9 at 7 p.m.

  More than a decade ago Darryll Daniel arrived in Chicago and immediately became a brilliant personally in radio. One of the reasons is because she possessed such an excellent speaking voice that had a distinct sound that vibrated with that certain kind of expression that appealed to listeners and viewers. She became a welcomed addition as an on-air personality at WVAZ-V103, where she was offered the spot as morning host for WJPC Radio. She even worked as an assistant producer for The Gerald Riveria Show, and was heard each Saturday morning on WBEEE and the Sunday morning host when her current sister station Power 92 made its debut and before Sept. 30 she was the afternoon drive host on WYCA 106.3FM.

Now Darryll King is a superstar of gospel radio programs as the host of Rejoice that airs on WYCA 102.3.

  Darryll King's rapid rise to stardom is unusual, however, she had the many attributes that would propelled her into the superior realm. She is a professional and her determination she says is inspired by her faith in God and her willingness to learn and be obedient. Her participation in church and school activities made her very popular growing up. At the age of three Darryll was reading poetry. She also acted in several plays at school and church. Her quest to be a server enabled her to develop her talents, gifts, and abilities naturally.

  Darryll King is an alumna from Fisk University and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Memphis. During her undergraduate years she toured with "Roots, Rhymes & Righteous Times" as an orator and signer. She holds a degree in Fine Arts Communications and English, and continuing towards her Masters in Public Relations. At the present time Darryll King also holds an Honorary Doctorate from GMOR Theological University. Darryll King's professional future began in Memphis at WHBQ News Talk Radio and continued at WLOK and Magic 101FM. Other accolades in her profession came as a host on Good Morning Memphis on NBC. All of these attributes prepared her for her future in Chicago, which she expresses much love for.

  Other appearances King has enjoyed have been with CBS on Saturday mornings as the host of Different Drummers and on The Cutting Edge with Darryll, a cable program. With such a busy schedule, Darryll King finds time to work with many organizations as they endeavor to secure opportunities for younger generations to prepare for their future education.

  Earl King, former sports celebrity and founder of No Dope Express became so enchanted with King's voice and character that he proposed to her and it wasn't long after that they had a son, Earl King Jr. and their family started to blossom.

  With her husband, Earl, Darryll has worked diligently in keeping the organization, "No Dope Express" alive and keeping their hands upon the shoulders of youth as they guide them in perfecting their characters.

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